Geeflux 304

ISO 14174 -SA AF 2 5644 DC H5 * (EN760- SA AF 2 DC)

Specially designed for welding Austenitic and Austenitic-Ferritic stainless steels. This basic-neutral flux will produce outstanding results in the welding of the standard Austenitic and heat-resisting stainless steels, when using the corresponding wire electrodes according to EN ISO 14343 or ASME II C: SFA-5.9. Due to the basic flux characteristics of Geeflux 304, most grades of the 300 and 400 stainless steels can be welded using single wire submerged-arc processes. It is also suited for joint-and overlay welding.Geeflux 304 produces smooth flat weld beads when fillet welding. If appropriate welding parameters are applied a finely ribbed surface along with self-releasing slag is yielded as well as weld beads that are free of slag inclusions. The metallurgical behavior of the flux is neutral (C-neutral, low Si pick-up and low Mn burn-out) without Cr- or other alloy compensation.

For surfacing valve with ER 410 and ER 430 grade of stainless steel wires.


SiO2 + TiO2 Al2O3 + MnO CaO + MgO CaF2
10% 35% 5% 50%
Basicity according to Boniszewski : ~ 1.9

Flux Density :  1.0 Kg/dm3(l)
Grain Size        :  2 - 16
Current carrying capacity :  Upto 900 A DC using one wire.
Packaging :  25 Kg PE-coated

Storage and Redrying:
Unopened originally packed flux bags can be stored upto one year in dry storage rooms after date of delivery ex-factory.

Redrying conditions specific to the flux: 200 + 50°C effective flux temperature.

Packing Data:

  • Saw Wire:  25 Kg Spool
  • Saw Flux:   25 Kg Flux